Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting ready! T-14 days!!!

It’s only 2 weeks before the classes start and I’m still in Barcelona, Spain. I’m arriving to Uppsala on the 18th and I started packing today! I checked the weather and it seems to be getting colder and colder already. So I decided to pack the autumn – winter cloth leaving behind all the shorts and swim suits.

I talked to a very dear friend of mine who was an exchange student in Uppsala University few years ago and he gave me some tips:

· DO NOT forget exchanging money before you arrive to Uppsala.

· There are 2 main ways to go from the Arlanda Airport to Uppsala. The first one is by train. It costs around SEK 90 - 140 and it takes 20 min to arrive. The second one is by bus. It’s a little bit cheaper (SEK 120) but it takes 50 min to get to Uppsala. It’s worth noticing that both train and bus arrive to the same place in Uppsala. Going by taxi to Uppsala would cost you approximately SEK 445 (ask for the fixed price). The taxi can normally be paid with a credit card.

· To activate your student Internet connection you’ll need to go to the Student Office. It’s located in the city center and you can get there in the bus 2 stop Universitetet.

· If you buy a bicycle you should also have the Cykel Karta (bicycle’s route map). Also check the legal requirements for driving a bike: if you don’t the lights and security requirements you could get a ticket (penalty). ALWAYS lock your bicycle or you’ll have to buy more than one…

· Buy an Uppsala Kortet (Uppsala bus card). It works for all the green busses in Uppsala and this way travelling in bus will be cheaper. You’ll find them in a store called Pressbyran. Those stores are located in the bus station and in the town center.

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  1. Not packing your swim swit?

    Two words for you...

    Swedish Sauna

    Unless you're thinking in use them being naked, but still an option.