Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where is the Internet? T-4 days

After I arrive at Uppsala, getting Internet wasn’t as easy as I though. Reading my room’s description I found out it has Internet access provided by the University. The catch is that to actually use it you need a UpUnet login and password. Since I decided to be prepared, I for looked information about how to get Internet access there.
In the International Student Guide I read about a coffee place named Café Barista and that it had free wireless. Let’s put it this way: the wireless was pretty much the same as not having Internet. I’m not saying it’s always that way, maybe they had a particular problem that day but none of the people there who were trying to use the wireless could actually get a conection. I probably won’t waste my time carrying my laptop all the way there again. BUT I have to say that the drinks we ordered were actually quite good! So, you can still go there for a nice cup of coffee!

Another place you can have Internet access is the public library, located just in from of the Café Barista. I didn’t try it. It was late and the library was already closed. The Uppsala Student Union was another option. It’s on Ovre Slottsgatan 7 but it closes at 17.00… It was already too late to go there…

Still, I needed the Internet! My boyfriend and I started walking around town to see if there was any other option and we found Uppsala Online. We were very lucky since it had opened just a few days before. The people there were very nice and helpful. The Internet access cost us 20Kr an hour and they had free coffee!

Also, another option is using the computers in the Burger King. You can easily find it and an hour of Internet will cost you 19Kr. The problem is that the computers are limited: you can't use a pendrive, print or anything like that.

Good news is that almost all nations have wireless so, after you join one you won’t have this problem again!

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