Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to Uppsala University!!!

The first week in Uppsala University is the Welcome week! During that time you’ll get to know your classmates, some teachers and received a lot of useful information. Also, during this week we all had to select our courses. Everyone in the master program had an individual meeting with someone from the CS department. In my opinion this meeting is an excellent idea. I had the opportunity to talk about the subjects that I like and discuss whether or not it was a good idea for me to take them. You can ask questions about the course syllabus, difficulty, pre requirements and whatever you feel you need to know to make an inform decision. It also shows that teachers really care about what you are learning. It’s also good to know that it’s possible to take few basic courses so you can learn things that you didn’t had the chance to learn during your bachelor degree.

Another activity we had was a BBQ! While enjoying a nice weather, soft drinks and hot dogs I talked to all the other people in the master and tried to get to know them. I started to learn their names and I asked them questions about their home countries and hobbies. I also found out who are going to be my classmates and we made study plans. There were also some old students who kindly talked to us in a very informal situation and asked our questions about living in Uppsala and gave us their opinion about the teachers and courses.

And in case you were wondering, I got my UpUnet account by Thursday so I now can use Internet at home!!!

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