Monday, July 20, 2009

Waiting... T-35 days and counting!

Everything seems to be falling into place: now that I’ve been accepted into the Master Program in Computer Science and I finally found a place to live it’s just a matter of time before I arrive to Uppsala. Personally, It feels like I’ve been waiting forever and I can’t see the day the classes are starting! Of course I’ve been thinking about all the things I have to do before moving to Uppsala and all the things I’m going to have to do once I’m there.

First of all, paying the student apartment is not everything: I need to go and pick up the keys… That means the day I arrive I’ll have tons of luggage with me and no place to go. Well, I’m adding “finding a hotel in Uppsala” to me to-do list. Also, once I get the keys I’ll have to buy some furniture. I’ll better look for an IKEA store and check a little bit what are they selling. It’s not rocket science thinking about going to IKEA since they are a low cost home products retailer founded in 1943 in Sweden. I’m not saying this is the best option, but right now is the only one I know.

What about bicycles? Every time I talk to someone who has been in Sweden the bicycles subject arise! Are all the students using bicycles for real? Even when it’s raining? Where can I buy a bicycle? I guess I’ll have to see all that for myself… In the meanwhile I’ll use the bus.


  1. Even when the floor is icy and slippery.... YES!.

  2. Hey girl,

    Found the theme of your blog quite interesting since I'm hoping myself to do a Master's at Uppsala next fall. Just a quick question: how did you go about finding accomodation? There seems to be endless possibilities but what would you recommend for foreign students?

    I'll be coming back here looking for your reply. :)

    Cheers, L

  3. Hello L!

    I'm glad you liked it! :-) You are right: the list is endless! I would say you should register RIGHT NOW in and start collecting queue days. Once you know you're moving here you should start looking at they don't have a queue so you can go there almost daily and apply for EVERY room you like. That's how I found my apartment.

    I really recommend those websites because they don't require you to have a Swedish personal number. I would used all the other options just in case you are running out of time...

    Hope it helps :-) And good luck with all your applications!