Sunday, September 4, 2011

A new year just started

Hej everyone!

I'm happy to see a lot of new students in Uppsala this year! As you might guess, I'm not taking any courses but you can still see me around Polacksbacken working as a teaching assistant for the Artificial Intelligence and the Constraint Programming course. I'm doing more things than just that... I'm also writing things... Figuring out what to do next... and FINALLY I'm taking a Swedish course! and Chinese... Maybe it's a bit late to start formally learning Swedish but I like to think that never is too late. Am I rambling today? Well, let's go back to the original point... I'm glad to see many new students in Uppsala. I think every year new people bring with them culture, experiences, ideas and smiles.

I'm also really happy to see here a couple of Chinese friends that I met in Shanghai. They remind me of all the great times I had there and how much I miss it! Don't worry, when I was there I was missing Uppsala as well. For me that's the hardest part about moving: you get to experience great things but at the same time you always end up missing the good things about that other place were you used to live. I believe I enjoy Chinese food a bit more right now and it brings back a lot of happy memories. So, to all of you who are here now and those who would like to come I'm warning you! After you come here you'll miss Uppsala for the rest of your life! You'll miss the friends, the nations, the outdoor activities, learning and many many other things depending on what you like.

I won't finish the post without saying that the weather is still pretty nice, but it is autumn already. Don't be fool by what you learned in your own country: it is autumn and it will be winter pretty soon!

As I always say, feel free to ask any questions about the University, the city or whatever I can help with!


  1. Hey! Just reading through your blog, I have a few questions maybe you could answer? I'm thinking about applying for exchange to Uppsala because it looks simply amazing! But I have never been to Sweden before and I currently live in Australia - is there a big culture shock? Would you suggest 6 months or 1 year? I'm definitely keen for a university with a good student life and I've heard of this student nations thing and it sounds brilliant!

    Also I would most likely come second semester, so fall semester - what is the weather like? Are there many international students and do they seem to enjoy it? Sorry for all the questions! Hopefully you can get back to me on or

    :) Thanks!
    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Amanda!

    Thanks for all your questions! I'm writing a new post to answer them all! I hope it helps and see you in Uppsala!