Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting a cellphone in Sweden

Hej! :-)

This post might be interesting for just a small group of students out there, but I still it is worth writing. Some of you might be thinking about getting a new cellphone once you are in Sweden or maybe you just want to have a post paid plan so you don't have to worry about actually having credit/money on your phone when you really really need to make a call. Maybe you're just one of those who likes using a Black Berry... For all of you I must say that you'll have to wait... and then wait a bit more... It turns out that when you want to sign up for a contract with any phone company you need to have at least 6 months in Sweden (maybe 8... I think the employees really don't know and it's just an automated check). Anyway, it's not like you'll show them your plane ticket, it's more like they will ask for your personnummer and the system will say you can't sign a contract... Then my advice is for you to get your personnummer as soon as you can so you can start thinking about a contract next year. You'll probably get better prices and you can even get your dream phone a lot cheaper!

And one more things about cellphones! If you try to buy one with a contract, ask about unlocking the phone! Maybe this is super common now (it was not so common to me), but after some time with the company you can actually unlock you phone and use it in your own country after you leave.

Have a great week all of you!


  1. Usually (always?) the operator let you unlock the phone after 12 months for a ~300 SEK charge.

  2. I know some of the phones are already unlocked from the beginning or you can unlock them after 3 months. That's at least the options I found when I was buying a phone. Maybe there is always an option on how to unlock the phone here in Sweden. When I bought a phone in Spain the options were black and white and I still have unlocked phones from Spain and Venezuela... I'm glad there is now a legal way to keep YOUR phone even if you move to another country...

  3. Also when you sign up for a contract there is usually an automated credit check (they check for any unpaid bill/tax :)

  4. You're right! That's very important too! You shouldn't have unpaid things! Specially if you would like to stay in Sweden after you finish your studies.