Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going to the movies in Uppsala

Well, as you might now by now I'm back in Uppsala! Don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't like living in Shanghai (because it is an awesome city), but I did miss the peaceful atmosphere that you can find in Uppsala, and the snow!!!!!!

I want to start saying that Uppsala is covered with snow this time of the year and it is lovely. I find very relaxing the idea of walking on the streets breathing the cold air and looking at the trees and ceilings covered with snow. So, last night my boyfriend and I decided to go and watch Harry Potter 7 (which btw is a lot better that the previous one) and walk around a little bit. The walk was as I remembered it from last year. The cinema was nice, small and cozy as we watched the movie in the smallest room (about 60 seats). The thing that amused me the most was the price: 2 tickets, 2 sodas and a big ball of popcorns = 299 SEK. Yes, it might seem pretty normal to everyone, it was actually pretty normal for me, until I went to China and got used to the idea that it was a lot of money!

I hope that all of you get to come to Uppsala (if that is what you want of course) and enjoy walking around the river in the city center as much as I do :-)


  1. Hello Andry,

    I have been reading your blog as I am considering UU for my semester abroad. Let me first tell you that it is really helpful! The question that I want to ask you is about which semester you think is "the best" for exchange students to go? autumn or spring? Please try to include pros and cons or reasons why you think a particular semester is "best". I realize there may not be an easy or straight answer to this question but please think about it and tell me what semester you think it's best for exchange students. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hey there!

    I think it is great that you want to come to Uppsala! About your question, well, I think you're right when you say there is no "easy answer" here, but I'll do my best to write a list with pros and cons of every semester to help you make a decision.

    Fist of all: beware of the winter! I don't know where you're from but the winter here, as pretty as I think it is, has been quite cold the last couple of years. Obviously you won't be able to avoid it. In my opinion if you come in the fall semester you'll have the chance to get used to the cold weather day by day. If you decide to come in January you'll find a city covered in snow and you might find it too cold and too dark to go out. In my opinion winter is great! I love the snow, I love the smell of the clean air and I think that drinking wine while looking at the snow is perfect. Also, there are probably more exchange students and welcome activities during the fall semester. Since all new students start in the fall semester everyone would be as lost as you, nations and student organizations will plan welcoming events and that kind of stuff might be really fun and it can make your life easier as well.

    If I think about the spring semester, well, Valborg is a GREAT reason to be in Uppsala during the spring! Students spend the whole day celebrating outside, there are picnics, champagne, more champagne, the bonfire, the little boats made by students breaking on the river... You can also enjoy great weather and you could stay here during June/July with some friends that you meet here and travel around or just enjoy the student life here.

    If you care about the courses you take, most courses are taught only once a year (at least in the CS department) so I recommend you to check that out so you can take courses you like.

    I believe the university makes housing arrangements for all exchange students, but if for any reason you have to find a room by yourself then I think this is easier during spring (it is really really hard during the fall semester).

    I hope this helps! If you have more questions just ask! :-)