Friday, December 3, 2010

Uppsala University Nations

Until last year, being a member of any of the student nations was mandatory so, there was no way you didn't visit them at least once! Now this is optional, which means there are a lot of students who doesn't join and doesn't enjoy this great part of the student life in Sweden. Taking part on the different activities organized by the nations is a great and cheap way of having a lot of fun! You'll make a lot of friends and specially it is a good way to meet more Swedish students that otherwise might be hard to meet in the international masters (I'm saying it's hard, not impossible)

I just want to leave you here a list with the links to the nations' websites. I REALLY encourage you to check them out and join any of them once you're in Uppsala! You can choose one based on your interests, hobbies, scholarships, housing needs... (yes, some of them even offer housing!) and don't worry, it's not a life-time commitment! After you join any of them you can take part in others nations activities and you can even change your membership from one nation to another.
In case you were wondering... I'm a member of SNerikes nation! :-)


  1. Another good site is the official one for all nations

  2. is a site operated by the nations in association with the organization Curators Committee (Kuratorskonventet). You can use it to register for the nation, just enter your social security number (personnumber) and follow the instructions.

    You can also go with your admission letter and photo identification to the nation that you want to belong. Membership to the nation is paid by semester.

    Moreover, anyone who is a student somewhere else other than in Uppsala, but wants access to the nations must get a temporary membership, "a guest card". Guest Cards are sold at the entrance to the Uppsala Student Union.

  3. Hi Andry,
    which nation(s) were/are you in? How do you find it/them?

    1. Hi Thu!

      I'm a member of the Södermanlands-Nerikes nation. What do you mean about how do you find a nation?

    2. I'd like to know "How wonderful do you find the Södermanlands-Nerikes nation?"
      I think choosing 1 among 13 nations is not an easy decision to make..

  4. To be honest I didn't bond much with the nation. I chose it because their building is a small castle and I liked that. After you're a member of any nation you can enter all the other nations. The only difference it makes (that I know of) is if you want to apply for nation housing, nation scholarships and for some nation parties the entrance fee is cheaper if you belong to that nation. Normally I just go to some brunch, pub or fika when my friends make plans to go so no difference for me. Oh well, I think some nation memberships are cheaper than others but not enough to make a difference.

  5. I joined GH nation, best choice I ever made! It is it doesn't matter what nation you choose, you can still go on all the clubs and so on. But GH had a better vibe and a lot of international students working and hanging around in their pub. They also have one of the shortest housing waiting lists, helped out a lot of my friends!