Sunday, February 21, 2010

A little bit of everything

This post doesn't really have a specific topic: it's more like a summary of the latest weeks. First I have to say that I haven't have the time to write much since this period has been kind of crazy: a lot of programming and a lot of reading!

In case you were wondering, there are many courses that are project based. In my particular case I'm taking User-Interface Programing, but there are many other courses like this one, where you need to develop a group project during the whole period (or even 2 periods). The idea behind those courses is really good and you can learn a lot. At the same time they require hard work every week, group communication, researching and again: more work. This courses will also give you the opportunity to work with people with different backgrounds and make excellent friends.

For all those non EU/EEA citizens how are planning on coming to Uppsala, read this article about future University's fees.


  1. Hi Andry!
    I was so surprised to find your blog!! It is very interesting and useful for me as I have applied to the Computer Science, Uppsala this year. I read all you posts, thank you very much for sharing this information!
    I set great hopes on this programme as it's also scholarship eligable (fingers crossed, 1.5 months to the results announcement ;)

    Do you have a lot of classmates? How many people does Uppsala accept on this master?
    Sorry me for asking so many questions, i'm just very curious. May be we can chat a little bit?

    my skype: maryna.shtakova
    my mail:
    I'll be very happy if you'll find time to contact me :)


  2. Hi Marina!

    I'm glad you liked the blog :-) I already added you on msn so we can talk more about Uppsala.

    I do have a lot of classmates! :-) I believe that in this master we around 60 students, but then you also have classes with many exchange students, students from other programs like HCI and of course, students from the year before, so you'll get to meet a lot of interesting people. I have to say that almost all the students are great, funny and smart people and I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here.

    I haven't been writing much because this period have been kind of crazy: I put too much effort in my courses and I have been studying a lot since the classes started in January. Hopefully the period ends next week and I'll have again some time to relax :-)

    Looking forward to talk to you!

  3. hello dear Maria
    it's really surprised me when after a weeks surfing on internet i could found your interesting blog , your blog contain a useful information and i really had a good times while i reading it.
    my name is mohsen and i live in Tehran ( capital of iran) i've got my bachelor degree in a English Translation two month ego , and planing to apply in a MA degree on uppsala university in English language & linguistic.
    please accept my appologize since my English Language is so bad in addition i know you can find a lots of grammatically mistakes in this note.
    however , it's my pleasure to vist your blog & i'll waiting to read your new updates.
    dear Maria , i jot down my e.mail , i wounder it if you could gimme a little bit information about sweden , specially uppsala university , Cost of living , culture , habbits and so on.
    by the way , the matter which you point it about screaming on 10 P.M was really exciting for me.
    Looking Forward to Hearing from you.
    Best wishes.

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